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Re: market size increase

At 05:50 AM 4/1/98 -0500, Mark Shneyder wrote:
>Someone brought up a possible connection between CBS/ARS merger and
>Arbitron's plan to expand Boston market :
>I dont see how CBS is involved in the Arbitron's plan to increase
>market size(the new market size takes effect with the Fall book).
>Not that it matters after yesterday DoJ's announcement, but CBS 
>cant argue that WAAF is in a different market(Worcester). I'm sure
>they would have loved to have such a well programmed station('AAF) 
>in the Boston cluster.

The way I'd heard it, over 50% of Arbitron subscribers in a market must
petition for a market definition change before Arb will consider it.
Presumably, this would also include Worcester stations.  While I agree that
WAAF has long been a Boston wannabe, neither WSRS nor WXLO seem to have
much interest in being considered Boston stations.  My guess is that
they're content to be the 2 biggest fish in a mid-sized pond rather to be
an also-ran in a huge market.