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Re: where are the proofers???

First the new announcer was taught to say "double-you".  Then he (or she)
learned that the word was "Nyouze" not "Nooz" and for some reason thought that
Noon should therefore be pronounced Nyoon.  Could I have a dime each time I
have heard, "Now, the Nyouze at Nyoon"?

Ira Apple

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> >My least favorite error for the spoken word in broadcasting is the
> >pronunciation of the letter "W", as in "dubba-you-bee-zee". Channel 4 is
> not
> >the only offender, just the one I notice most often.
> Reminiscent of a previous string on the letter W.  We need more Big Bird in
> broadcasting.
> Dub-ya
> Dooble you BZ (Gary L)
> Bill O'Neill