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Re: where are the proofers???

>Your theory may be correct, but it sounds a lot more like a Mel Brooks
>then it does legitimate etymology.
>Ira Apple

I'm also a comedian (not a stand-up, but a  sit-down comedian...whenever I
stand up to do a bit, they tell me gto sit down), but I am being quite
serious about this.  It just seems to make sense.  If I'm incorrect, hey, no
big deal.

But it's also true that many Jewish last names (I know, these last names are
not 100% limited to Jews) have everything to do with jewelry:  i.e.,
Goldschmidt = goldsmith, Silverman, etc.  Personally, my last name, Swartz,
was originally Schwartzmann, which literally means "black man".    Just an
educated guess, anyway. :)