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<< <<On Tue, 31 Mar 1998 12:04:04 -0500, <shel@lotsofun.com> wrote:
 > Jewlery (jewelry) >>

That word is frequently mispronounced as, "jew-la-ree."

Is now a good time to solicit additions to my cliche list? Good! 
Here are phrases that I eliminate from our clients' copy:

"personal service" 
"the friendly folks" 
"for your convenience" 
"knowledgeable / dedicated staff"
"donít forget"
"thatís right"
"count on the professionals at..."
"plenty of free parking"
"that number again is"
"all your flooring/ automotive/party/housing/marine/etc. needs" 
"located at"
"the one for you" 
"your headquarters for___"
"stop by today"

Please add your own. 

          Dave Iseman
     Boch Broadcasting
        Cape Cod, MA 
       (508) 775-5678