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Lexington Radio (was a Burlington Question)

Matt wrote--
>There was a WLEY with studios and transmitter on Adams Street in 
>Lexington on the Burlington line. The station was on 1370.  This 
>station became WLLH when it moved to Lowell. When I worked at WLLH 
>around 1980 an old license for WLEY turned up one day when the PD was 
>cleaning out his office.  Albert Moffat was listed as the owner with 
>his primary occupation listed as " mining and manufacturing".  [snip-o]
Ah the stuff people throw out or forget about.  Al Moffat, rest his soul,
was one of the earliest newsreel photographers, and he made enough money on
various inventions to buy 2 stations (WLLH and WMAS).  Yes, at one time,
there were two stations in Lexington-- WLEX, the original, and WLEY which
had been the old Boston Evening Transcript station (WBET)-- both owned by
Carl Wheeler and Jack Dodge-- two friends of the late great John Shepard
3rd... early Boston radio was VERY incestuous... <g> One became WAAB in
1931, the other became WLLH in 1934.