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Re: "Weight, they'res moah!..." (was: where are the proofers???)

>ICE TEA is iced tea.

Yes!  I never heard of tea made out of ice, but I love to put ice into it
(as well as coffee)

>GONNA is going to.
>"Hey, have you thought about...."  Watch that "Hey!" stuff.
>Who do you trust?  No, "WHOM do you trust?"  (Not to be confused with KHOM
>do you trust?) <g>

>Bill O'Neill

I also love it when I hear (usually on radio interview, where the guest
replies to a question...) "I would suggest that you..."  Hey, are you
suggesting it, or saying that if asked, you WOULD suggest?"

How about when in stores you hear, "Mr. Jones, if you're in the store, pick
up ine 2".  What if Mr, Jones isn't there?  Which line must he pick up? :)

(andy rooney jr.)