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Re: Burlington question

At 11:07 PM 3/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>How many stations have had either studios or transmitters in Burlington
>(Mass)? I know that the old WLEX built studios on the Lexington/Burlington
>line, and I keep thinking there was another station located in or near
>Burlington... but my mind is totally blank--  allergies, no doubt.  Anyone
>want to fill in this particular gap for me-- the answer is probably really
>obvious, but I just can't think of it...   Thanks!  
The WRKO TX is in Burlington, just east of Middlesex Turnpike and north of
Burlington Mall. The three square-cross-section, self-supporting towers, two
of which are 460-some feet tall, dominate the skyline in Burlington and
Lexington (and are visible from Arlington, not far from my house). When it
was first built, the TX belonged to WLAW, then to WNAC, and now to WRKO. At
some point, I'm pretty sure that WLAW-FM (93.7) also transmitted from that
site. The center tower had a removable top section for installation of a
top-mounted FM antenna. That antenna was long gone when I arrived in Boston
in 1956, leaving the center tower shorter than the two end towers by 50 or
60 ft. Apparently, the removable section was lost or destroyed when the FM
antenna was put in place.

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