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Re: Another One Bites the Dust

At 19:49 on 31 Mar 98 Dib9 wrote:

> It was announced today that Guy Gannett Communications is being put
> up for sale.

This is a sad day for Maine media, though Dan is absolutely right;
since the 80's Guy Gannett has been a shadow of its former self.  The
(Portland) Evening Express folded, the divestiture of its radio
properties was incredibly dumb, and the decision to invest in a
multi-million dollar press at the height of the last recession nearly
drove the company into bankruptcy, forcing severe cutbacks in the
flagship Portland Newspapers that persist to this day.

And WGME-TV, running a poor second to dominant WCSH-TV, is in
no financial position to compete with the mighty Gannett Corporation
and its achingly sincere "Son of Sam" interviews with Cindy

All of which begs the question:  who will split the empire?

Take care,