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Another One Bites the Dust

It was announced today that Guy Gannett Communications is being put up for
sale.  The company has been owned by a family trust since Guy Gannett died in
the 1950's and the trust will expire when the two remaining members of the
trust die.

The company owns seven television stations, including WGME-TV Portland.  The
station also owns three of Maine's seven daily newspapers (the Portland Press
Herald, the Kennebec Journal and the Central Maine Morning Sentinel) and the
Maine Sunday Telegram.  At one time, the company was a big player in Maine
radio when they owned WGUY Bangor and WGAN AM & FM Portland.  Until the
mid-1980's, the company dominated Portland media, owning the radio stations,
the TV station and the Portland Newspapers.

This is the second family owned company to put a Portland TV station up for
sale this year.  WCSH-TV was sold to the Gannett Corporation earlier this

Some will lament the end of a family owned company, but the beancounters have
been in control of Guy Gannett for many years.   Their newspapers have seen
major cutbacks in recent years and can't help but be improved by the sale.
The current Publisher of the newspapers had no experince in newspapers, media
or publishing when she was hired last year.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine