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re:Burlington question

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Donna Halper wrote

>How many stations have had either studios or transmitters in 
>Mass)? I know that the old WLEX built studios on the 

There was a WLEY with studios and transmitter on Adams Street in 
Lexington on the Burlington line. The station was on 1370.  This 
station became WLLH when it moved to Lowell. When I worked at WLLH 
around 1980 an old license for WLEY turned up one day when the PD was 
cleaning out his office.  Albert Moffat was listed as the owner with 
his primary occupation listed as " mining and manufacturing".  This 
license had been at the bottom of a file cabinet for years and 
contained other documents such as a program schedule. One of the 
programs listed for much of the broadcast day was something called....
"Organ Tones".   Could this station also have been WLEX?  Or did 
Lexington have two stations?  Perhaps these old documents still exist 
at WLLH.