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Re: WRKO Sloppy

> Plus, if you're a broadcast
> producer, and you're too busy chiming in on the program as a minimum
> side-kick with aspirations, it's tough to remember the fundamentals.

BTW...Am *I* the only one who's bugged by these "minimum wage side-kick
with aspirations..."?(Bills words, not mine!)  Seemed to start with
Howard Stern...Now *everyone* has to have an audible "producer".  

This "Virgin Boy" that chimes in with Howie Carr everyday sound like a

Apparently a host is hired for his ability to entertain and interact. 
What credentials does a 'producer' have to even be on the air?  I don't
mind them being "mentioned"...but I dislike when they are on the air for
no apparent reason....and really nothing to offer.  

RE: WRKO Sloppy mistakes...Isn't it the job of the Program director to
make sure all those spots, liners, bumpers and the station as a whole
are *cohesive*...

    .....Didn't I hear somewhere that the PD is less than 30 years old? 
Nothing against the young...But how much experience can he have?  Anyone
know anything about him beyond his name?

Seems like WRKO's days as one of the "great" Talkers is long gone...

The "Two Chicks" numbers have never been that great...and I don't
understand why they keep them hangin on....