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Re: where are the proofers???

> From: PWerlin                  \ America Online: (PWERLIN)

> the newscasters
> had a map behind them showing the outline of the state of Arkansas,
> where Jonesboro is, and smack in the middle, the abbreviation for the
> --- "AK"   - which, I hope many of you know, is incorrect.  I've been
> I'm too picky and always pick up on things that are irrelevant, but
part of my
> job involves proofreading so I always catch stuff like this...

I was at DisneyWorld...after a long day of walking I had my feet up in
the hotel room  and figured I'd catch up on the local-yocal Florida news

The weather map had the New England states abbreviated...

.....with "Mass." for Massachusetts.....and "MA" for Maine....  

Which probably made sense to a Floridian!