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Re: WRKO Sloppy

To start with, since I have seen that old hunk of junk computer they use at
WRKO, I sympathize a bit with Howie; it is one of those ancient green LED
models, with the old keypunch typing machine. It constantly breaks down. You
would think they could have the money to spring for $999 PC or something. This
last week, WRKO's phones were completely out... man. 

As for "VB," otherwise known as "Virgin Boy", Doug Gowdy, he has become like
Howie's straight man or second banana, and there has been a decent
relationship between them since PD Kevin Straley was WRKO's board op and VB
just a call screener (Straley is in his early thirties btw and Talker's
Magazine recently called him "a visionary in programming"... personally, I
think he is an okay guy but I don't care for what he has done with the once
great talk station either). 

Since both Howard and Howie use their sidekicks for material (either getting
involved with their producer's sex lives like Stern or sexually harassing
their state house reporter like Carr), they eventually become an important
part of the show. In the old days, talk hosts would use public figures or
guests as sources for material, today's hosts will humilate anyone for

As for the mininum wage comments; you're just about right. I have had a few
interviews with three different PDs at WRKO about doing a full-time or part-
time air. The best I have ever been offered was a part-time producers position
for $6 an hour. I laughed at Straley when he offered that... but he was
serious; they leave their $100 million station in the hands of a guy who makes
$6 an hour... 

When Straley, The Two Twits Twitting and morning snore blowhard Jeff Katz were
on C-SPAN for the Radio & Records Talk Seminar, Katz said how important it was
to be able to pay producers a "living wage"... I just about fell out of my
chair laughing! Now granted, I have worked for free when I have done my talk
show on community radio, which is volunteer and if WRKO was to give me the
time, I would do air there for free for the experience, but $6 a living wage?

As for the Twits; they are consistently slaughtered by Brudnoy every night in
ther ratings, but they do have an active audience. Everytime I tune into them,
they have full lines. Of course, there is no accounting for taste. And,
unfortunately, I don't last long listening. They are just plain bad. I miss
the days when WRKO had at least mildly intelligent female talk show hosts like
Janet Jagehlian. Even that Sex Talk lady they had a couple of years ago was
better than the Twits and Dr. Loudmouth. 

Just my $2.00.


In a message dated 98-03-29 13:49:06 EST, you write:

 BTW...Am *I* the only one who's bugged by these "minimum wage side-kick
 with aspirations..."?(Bills words, not mine!)  Seemed to start with
 Howard Stern...Now *everyone* has to have an audible "producer".  
 This "Virgin Boy" that chimes in with Howie Carr everyday sound like a
 Apparently a host is hired for his ability to entertain and interact. 
 What credentials does a 'producer' have to even be on the air?  I don't
 mind them being "mentioned"...but I dislike when they are on the air for
 no apparent reason....and really nothing to offer.  
 RE: WRKO Sloppy mistakes...Isn't it the job of the Program director to
 make sure all those spots, liners, bumpers and the station as a whole
 are *cohesive*...
     .....Didn't I hear somewhere that the PD is less than 30 years old? 
 Nothing against the young...But how much experience can he have?  Anyone
 know anything about him beyond his name?
 Seems like WRKO's days as one of the "great" Talkers is long gone...
 The "Two Chicks" numbers have never been that great...and I don't
 understand why they keep them hangin on... >>