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Re: WRKO Sloppy

>As for the mininum wage comments; you're just about right. I have had a few
>interviews with three different PDs at WRKO about doing a full-time or
>time air. The best I have ever been offered was a part-time producers
>for $6 an hour. I laughed at Straley when he offered that... but he was
>serious; they leave their $100 million station in the hands of a guy who
>$6 an hour...

Well over ten years ago, the booth anncr. rate at some union shops in Boston
was over 4 times that amount (for part timers).  Board ops. were union techs
(forget the tech union), announcers were all AFTRA, and people worked their
tails off while able to actually own a house, feed their kids, and grow into
their 30s not needing to escape radio, jumping off to a job that actually
paid.  The unions began to get very weak, slots got discontinued and the
rank in file left behind settled for less.  As shops have been joined under
the same roof, the admin. and other costs get spread across stations at even
greater cost savings to corps., and profits enable these mega cash buys.  Is
all this a bad thing?  If you're a stockholder, perhaps no.  If you're a
listener, well, V-B, you tell me.

Bill O'Neill