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Re: WRKO Sloppy

Chuck writes:

>1. Howie Carr- "Here's 'what's his name' with news you'll
>talk about all day long". Howie asked his producer who was
>doing the newscast and he didn't know either. It makes me
>want to talk about "mistakes made all day long".

You'd think there'd by a telco/talkback b/w the studio and MetroNews.  And
if there is one, um, it needs to be utilized.  Plus, if you're a broadcast
producer, and you're too busy chiming in on the program as a minimum wage
side-kick with aspirations, it's tough to remember the fundamentals.

>2. The Two Chicks were out this past week, so Tai moved to
>the 7-10 slot, but all the promos during Howie referred to
>the chicks coming up at 7.

Continuity?  I wonder if spots are trafficed as efficiently?

>3. A listener even referred to technical glitches, and
>Howie mentioned "A sister station losing a million dollars
>a year is giving away a million, and we can't even get a
>good computer here".

Didn't the PC that identifies callers on hold toss its cookies yesterday?
Howie was all flop-sweat about it. Just imagine, he could get calls on the
air, but was unable to read ahead on the spin of the call before he could
swing and miss.

Bill O'Neill