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Re: where are the proofers???

Mistakes seem to be part of the general format at TV stations  here in the
W. Palm Beach, Florida area, too.  I have seen blatant spelling errors on
slides (the words you see on-screen explaining what you're seeing), as well
as frequent abuses of the English language.

What kind of example are stations setting these days?  I have a feeling that
a portion of the blame is the demise of the pride that once went hand in
hand with journalism and newscasting - both in radio and TV.  Having worked
with radio newspeople for many years, I believe that they were often treated
as "necessary evils" by station management which hated paying their
salaries - which I must add were far less than the lie and venom-spewing
talk hosts on the same station.

Recent study results I saw in "Tuned In" magazine revealed that radio news
peoples' salaries have been tumbling for years.  I recall when news
journalists were looked up to, and relied upon, for the very latest news and
information one could trust.

It's a true shame that the many thousands of people whose calling is to the
newsroom, are hardly compensated for their hard work.  And that the backup
staff doesn't always check their spelling.

My dime.. :) shel

Shel Swartz

WRKO/The Big 68 Remembered!
508 Glenwood Drive
W. Palm Beach FL 33415-2866
Phone (561) 686-2133

PS:  Then again, I am amazed at horrible consistent mispellings on much of
the e-mail I receive, notwithstanding mistakes I often make.  But at least,
I usuall spell-check, and try to abide by the standard rules of English.