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Re: WJIV and WTIJ (later WBFL)

Eric Jacobs wrote:

> c. if memory serves, the original studio were in Walpole,NH,later moving
> to Westminster,VT. That site has been abandoned and I would
> assume,although not sure,the "studio" is in Dynacom's building in
> Claremont.

WSSH/WZSH rents/leases space in the Paramount Building on Main Street in Brattleboro. I don't know if
there is a "studio" at that location, though. Their phone number, as listed in the newest edition of
the Bell Atlantic White Pages, is a Brattleboro number, and I would assume that when one calls that
number, the phones at 167 Main ring.

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.