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WATD 95.9 on 94.3

Last evening in Manchester NH I  decided to do some dialing spinning on the
FM broadcast band. In particular I wanted to check on 94.3 the religious
translator off of Pack Monadnock Mountain in Peterborough NH (Not to be
confused with the taller Mt. Monadnock Mountain in Jaffery NH)

This translator hasn't had the same signal quality/strenght since the ice
storms of January. Instead of hearing religion, I was hearing a program
hosted by two people who gave themselves the title of Captain. This show
ran from 4:00 until 5:00. At five o'clock a sport program came on. One on
the promos that was played for the station was something like " WATD 95.9,
if  you can't get us where you live, break into someones house who can...."

I'm curious if I was hearing the Peterborough translator or something else
on 94.3. Does the Peterboro translator repeat another 95.9 station and
somehow its yagi got twisted in the wrong direction.

Also 1660, the former Ahhhs radio, now seems to belong to an network that
calls itself "Beat Radio", the network that makes you feel good.

Merrimack Valley NH