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Re: WJIV and WTIJ (later WBFL)

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Thank you for a fascinating story, maybe I can fill in....
a. WTIJ/WBFL's xmtr was located in Alstead,NH-the only problem with that
being Fall Mountain,which stands between the transmitter and the
COL,rendering reception in downtown Bellows Falls a tricky thing. It
also contributed to the financial collapse of the station in 1991-but
hardly the main reason.

b. a translator was built in Keene for WBFL...as discussed here about a
week ago,W288AM is fed by over the air pickup of 107.1.There is a
seperate one in Keene relaying WJIV.

c. if memory serves, the original studio were in Walpole,NH,later moving
to Westminster,VT. That site has been abandoned and I would
assume,although not sure,the "studio" is in Dynacom's building in

d. the owners name was...Brian Dodge (surprise!!),the station was sold
later to Bradley Broadcasting in the early-mid 80's


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