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WJIV and WTIJ (later WBFL)

Doug Bassett wrote:

> WJIV 101.9 Cherry Valley, NY, is approximately 130 miles west of
> Brattleboro, and with no other station on 101.9 in that direction, I think
> it would be possible that, with a decent antenna aimed in the right
> direction, it would be possible to pick up WJIV over the air. This is what
> I have always assumed was happening, due to the poor sound quality. It
> sounds like, well, 1150 watts from 130-140 miles away. (and some days it's
> better than others.)  I have been up to the West Brattleboro site of W288AM
> (about four miles from my home), and there is no satellite equipment to be
> seen, so I can only assume the WJIV signal is being received over the air.

Back in 1981 or 82 (been a while...) I was asked to come up to the site of then
WTIJ (later WBFL) which at that time was a fledgeling christian station with
studios across the CT river from Bellows Falls, VT (I forget the name of the NH
town it was...).  I don't recall the owner's name, but part of the programming
plan was to simulcast for part of the day with WJIV.  This would have been no
small feat, for the studios of this station were a mish-mash of used (or more
accurately, antique) equipments, including an old mixing console that found its
way back to life from the 1930's, tubes and all.

The reason for my invited visit was because one of the persons I was good
friends with at the time was interested in Christian broadcasting for the
Orange/Athol area.  I was into the born-again thing and we went to the same
church and he also knew I was working for WCAT (then 1390) Orange and would
love to get in on  a new station project.

The whole idea, which never left the planning stages was to put up a translator
for WTIJ using the audio from the 107.1 signal.  I really had to talk sense
into those guys..... even if the idea had been sound, there was NO WAY anyone
was going to relay a signal on 107.1, even today WAAF wipes out everything on
either first adjacent.

Thank GOD (pardon the pun) I'm not a church freak anymore...... I'd have had to
explain the logic for more translators!!!!

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