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Re: WBZ drops sports on weekends

In a message dated 98-03-21 16:50:03 EST, mshbc@bu.edu writes:

<< Considering that 'EEI is very likely headed into a trust for this merger
 to go through, one wouldnt expect it to remain in CBS' hands after all
 is said and done. Depending on who ends up with 'EEI -- Jacor, Clear
 Channel and current players(ARS' Steve Dodge) are all very interested --
 chances are slim to none that any of WBZ's programming will find itself on
 AM 850.  >>

I have a hard time believing BZ would drop all of it's sports programming if
CBS didn't think they could retain WEEI once the merger is done.  I'm sure
that WEEI was the main station they wanted to aquire from ARS in the first
place.  They seem to own a lot of heavy billers in New York (WFAN, WCBS, WINS,
WXRK), so I don't think retaining WEEI should be a problem.  Hey, I'd spin off
WZLX to assure that EEI was part of the family.  CBS also specializes in AM
formats, particularly news and sports programming, so I think it's premature
to spin off WEEI, despite what "insiders" may say.  

Mike Thomas, WERZ & Premiere Radio Networks