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Re: WPTZ-TV news radio affiliates

Plus the officially released version reviewed in Entertainment Weekly this week. :)

GF015 wrote:

> Steve,
>         There are three different versions of the Celine Dion song with dialogue:
>         1.  The Titantic Z 104 Mix[in my own opinion this ruins the love theme of the
> song]
>         2.  Nick's KIIS Mix[I Programmed this version to play on Mix 94.1-more CHR
> friendly than the other two]
>         3.  Kiss Dallas Mix[This is the alternate version of Celine's song(I believe
> her album version) with an elderly lady talking in the beginning about being
> on the Titantic, more AC orientated]
>         There also is a dialogued version of James Horner's Southhampton.[in my own
> opinion this isn't that great]
> Gary Ford

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