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AM DX 3/20

Last night seemed to be the "Night of the
Canadians" on the AM dial...

CKAC 730 Montreal's French talk programming was
heard on the following frequencies: 550, 590, and
610. 730 was coming in good as usual.

A surprise on 810: A station with a French
announcer playing some form of AC (or maybe
standards). The songs all seemed to have English
lyrics, though I didn't recognize any of them. Art
Bell's "Coast-to-Coast AM" on WGY was in the
passenger's seat for much of the 0300 hour, before
regaining dominance shortly before 0400. I have
never heard a second signal on 810 before.

Heard the CJAD calls on 990 (CHTX?). The signal
itself wasn't much to write home about, barely

1070 CBA was coming in exceptionally well, one of
the strongest signals received on this morning.

1550 CBE was also coming in unusually well.

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.
(who also hasn't yet seen the film "Titanic")