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Re: AM DX 3/20

At 11:15 AM 3/20/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Last night seemed to be the "Night of the
>Canadians" on the AM dial...
>A surprise on 810: A station with a French
>announcer playing some form of AC (or maybe
>standards). The songs all seemed to have English
>lyrics, though I didn't recognize any of them.

I forget the calls of this station, but at least six people are bound to
post them. It's in Caracquet NB, at the tip of a peninsula across from PEI.
It's 10 kW DA-N with a four or five-tower array sending all of the signal
away from Schenectady. Like so many other Canadians, they often seem to
"lose" the switch that turns on their night facilities. This station is
located the shortest distance of any Class B station from a U.S. Class A
station that operates ND. I think the distance is no more than 550
miles--maybe less. 

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