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Re: Grahm Jr. College (was: Portsmouth R

Rick Levy wrote:
> >From Roger Kirk:
> >>Was it a former hotel? Or the former WRKO/WNAC facilities?<<
> They were in at least 3 or 4 buildings around the square (another urban
> "campus").  I don't recall hearing whether one of them previously housed a
> commercial station.  It's certainly possible, but was before my time.  The
> largest building (which had been turned into a dormitory, offices and more)
> definitely *was* a former hotel.  I think I heard it was where the
> ballplayers stayed.

Before WKLB there was WKLB, Grahm's carier current station at 640AM.  The 
caller letters representing the three Grahm buildings: Kenmore, (the old 
Kenmore hotel which was a dorm, classrooms and caf), Leavitt (dorm, 
classrooms, student union.  The building that had the giant billboard with the oil 
drilling platform) and Beacon (on Beacon street with classrooms, administrative 
offices, radio station, studios)

When I arrived in Sept 76 the call letters were WCSB,  Camridge or Columbia 
School of Broadcasting which I think was the colleges previous name.  A contest 
was held to select new call letters.  Maybe CSB was being used somewhere.

The stations PD Was Tim Logan, GM Cathy Dornin.  Are they out there?