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Bump had asked--
>> Donna, speaking of jobs coming and going....  I'm sure most of us would
>> *love* to hear you share about your experience at WRKO.  You started as
>> a "hitline operator" you said?  

And Joe asked--
>Donna was the PD? 
Yup, both are true.  Actually, I was the consultant to WRKO for a while in
1980 and they named me the acting PD for one book.  But my first experiences
at WRKO were back when I was in college, at a time when women were only
allowed to be hitline operators or possibly music co-ordinators.  I worked
there part-time and the jocks soon found I knew a lot about the music, so
they would ask me to give them information about the artists and they used
that information in their raps.  While at WRKO, I made friends with Frank
Kingston Smith (who was working as "Bobby Mitchell") who helped me get a job
writing "Retro-Rock" for the ABC Radio Network.  It was an exciting but
frustrating time-- I knew all I wanted to do was be in radio, and I had made
a good name for myself at my college station, yet jobs for women at top-40
stations were so limited back then... 

I have many recollections about both periods of time-- being a hitline
operator and one day 11 years later coming back as consultant and acting PD.
But I won't bore you with the gory details-- I'm saving it for my memoirs <g>.