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Re: Ahhh, yes !! WKBR-FM.

At 11:10 PM 3/19/98 -0500, PETER GEORGE, N1GGP wrote:
>     Yes, I remember that station quite well.  I used to live in Randolph, MA
>(about 15 miles south of Boston) and got WKBR-FM quite well in 1970.  Their
>Top-40 format equalled in quality to some of Boston's best (WRKO,WMEX and
>WKOX-FM).  I was less than pleased that it switched to dentist music in
>stereo as WZID ("The Wizard of Music") in 1971.  

I think there was a brief period just before they became "The Wizard" that
WKBR-FM did progressive rock.  Never heard it myself, but I have an old Top
30 hitlist that makes a vague reference to it.  Even though they were
automated for the dentist office music, they have a full studio...at least
they did in '74 the first time I visited the place.