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Re: Brattleboro-Keene Market, part II

Eric Jacobs wrote:

> I was under the impression that translators could only receive their
> input signal via antennas (over the air). Am I wrong? If not,how does
> the infamous Brian (screw the FCC) Dodge get away with rebroadcasting a
> NJ [NY] station? Are they fed by satellite?

WJIV 101.9 Cherry Valley, NY, is approximately 130 miles west of
Brattleboro, and with no other station on 101.9 in that direction, I think
it would be possible that, with a decent antenna aimed in the right
direction, it would be possible to pick up WJIV over the air. This is what
I have always assumed was happening, due to the poor sound quality. It
sounds like, well, 1150 watts from 130-140 miles away. (and some days it's
better than others.)  I have been up to the West Brattleboro site of W288AM
(about four miles from my home), and there is no satellite equipment to be
seen, so I can only assume the WJIV signal is being received over the air.

Now a few words from my legal department. <g> I offer no opinion regarding
the program content of the station(s) listed above. I learned at an early
age how the tuning knob operates on a radio....

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.