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Re: Grahm Jr. College

When I was at Grahm from 1977-79, we moved WKLB from 632 Beacon 
(where all the TV/Radio studio/classrooms were) to Kenmore Hall  on 
Commonweath Ave. It was the former Kenmore Hotel that was renovated 
into elderly housing after Grahm closed. That building contained the 
dorms and classrooms. By 1977, Grahm had already sold the Hotel 
Buckminster..the wedge shaped building between Beacon and Brrokline 
Ave...that prior to Grahm contained WNAC.  As late as the early 80s 
barely visible was a faded billboard painted on the brick wall facing 
towards Fenway Park that said  WRKO...Now Radio 680.  I don't think 
Grahm ever had studios in what was the old WNAC. The studios at 632 
Beacon looked like they had been there many years. 

The first year I was at Grahm...the PD of 640 WKLB was Steve Strick 
who went on to work for WBCN and I believe later WFNX. The next year 
Tony Novia held the post.  Tony is now the CHR reporter for Radio and 
Records and has a weekly column.