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Re: Grahm Jr. College (was: Portsmouth R

On Fri, 20 Mar 1998 08:06:00 -0500 Rick Levy <radiowaves@CompuServe.COM>

>>From Roger Kirk:
>>>Was it a former hotel? Or the former WRKO/WNAC facilities?<<

Both.  645 Beacon St, Leavitt Hall is where I lived when I was at Grahm. 
It was a former hotel of some sort, which was obvious because each room
had it's own private bath.  It was also directly adjacent to the building
that housed WNAC/WRKO in the late sixties, before they moved to
Government Center.  It was pretty easy to bust in to the old facility,
which was abandoned.  My friends and I used to do it often... it was
pretty cool for us college radio folks to be walking around where Dale
Dorman, JJ Jeffries and Chuck Knapp had been.

The other Grahm dorm, Kenmore Hall was also a hotel at one time

I am a WCSB alumnus as well.  I was Production Director there for the
three semesters I attended, 72-73.  The call letters were WCSB as prior
to be "accredited" as a Junior College they were Cambridge School of

Rick Kelly

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