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New Hampshire carnage

Scott Fybush writes in the March 19 NorthEast Radio Watch:

>On the AM side at WGIR,
>sports director Rich Levine is the latest to be fired.

Having worked on a limited basis with Rich on Boston cable, and having
heard stories about him, people have said he was not the most dimplomatic
person out there. However, I have no axe to grind with him, and I thought
he did a decent job at WGIR in the brief times I heard him. He's been
working for Metro Networks' sports division in recent times, and also does
play-by-play for Boston University basketball, so he has something to fall
back on.

>New PD Ned Crecilius (of
>WADN Concord MA) is installing a local talk format at WSMN, with hosts
>including Woody Woodland, a former sportscaster and salesman at the
>late WOTW-FM (106.3).

As far as I am concerned, Crecilius did not do a great job running WADN,
and I don't see WSMN being different. WADN never did any local community
outreach (i.e. aggressive news, local sports broadcasts for the Concord
area, etc.) which they needed there to draw in the local listeners. From
what I understand, WSMN is supposed to be big on that stuff. I wonder what
will happen to that type of programming.

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