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Re: Springfield Market......

Marty and Joe wrote--
>>         And I can report that the two towers of the ancient, honorable and
>> historic WBZ / WBZA antenna atop the old Westinghouse factory in
>> Springfield are rusty but standing, as of last week. 
>Maybe the city or some private group should try to buy the site and set up
>a museum of New England broadcasting there. 
I read an article in the Springfield newspaper a couple of years ago about
how the old Westinghouse plant (on Page Blvd, I believe? I may be spelling
it wrong, but that's how it sounds...) had been abandoned ages ago and the
city could not find a use for it, nor did anybody seem to want to rent it.
I have seen a number of potential radio historical sites which today are
just boarded up buildings with not so much as a marker to let people know
what used to be there.