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Re: Springfield Market......

>Joe Ross wrote, about the old Westinghouse plant in Springfield:
>Maybe the city or some private group should try to buy the site and set up
>a museum of New England broadcasting there.
        Brilliant. On the day I hold that winning lotto ticket . . .

        Actually, this is not that wild an idea. Springfield has lots of
tourists for the Basketball Hall of Fame and, for about two weeks each
September, the Eastern States Exposition. That fair gets, I believe, more
than one million visitors from all over New England and NY state. The
Westinghouse plant is right at an exit off I-291 and just a couple miles
down I-291 from the Massachusetts Turnpike in one direction and from I-91
in the other. You could certainly make a case for that site -- the first
station in New England (or is Donna Halper, the museum's curator in
waiting, going to jump in here to correct me?). And we have the legal
counsel all lined up. Maybe you could restore the antenna (now looming
above your rooftop restaurant) as part of the exhibition and get it
licensed as the world's fanciest TIS. I better stop now. Imagination is a
terrible thing to waste. Anybody got a tip on the lotto number <g>?