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Re: CNN HN simulcast

>Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 10:58:08
>To: Whom949 <Whom949@aol.com>,radio
>From: Bill Piacentini <billpi@ll.mit.edu>
>Subject: Re: CNN HN simulcast
>At 10:26 AM 3/18/98 EST, you wrote:
>>In a message dated 98-03-18 02:16:53 EST, hmglaz@webtv.net writes:
>> Come to think of it WNEZ's programming when it wasn't carrying WVIT news
>> was a TV simulcast as well -- a simulcast of CNN Headline News.
>>  >>
>>Is there CNN HN simlcast anywhere in the North East now?
>They claim that CNNRadio, a CNN Network that originates live radio
newscasts every 30-minutes, 24-hours a day, is picked by more than 600 radio
stations around the globe.
>I believe it's just the audio of Headline News.
>The last time I heard it in Boston was on WEEI 590 in the wee hours of the
Come to think of it CBS' 1010 WINS New York claims to be affiliated with
CNNRadio news. Maybe they've stopped the HeadlineNews simulcast and only
provide news shows on the hour and half-hour as well as feeds local stations
(such as WINS) can use in their own shows.