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WCLZ sold

Interesting story in Tuesday's Portland Press Herald about the sale of WCLZ.


Bob Fuller says the same thing that all new owners say: "There will be no
staff or format changes."  (Did Capstar say that in NH?)  Maybe it will
actually be true this time, but I doubt it.

The current CLZ GM brags about how they do no music research.  They just play
what they think sounds good, which is true.  Unfortunately, the results of
this are mixed and the quality of the station's music selections has had no
consistency over time.  It is programming by whim.  My question is: What's
wrong with doing a little research and finding out what your audience wants to

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine

Disclaimer:  I work for Fuller/Jeffrey's major competitor in Portland and was
fired by WCLZ last year so I claim NO objectivity.