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Re: Springfield Market......

On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Martin J. Waters wrote:

>         And I can report that the two towers of the ancient, honorable and
> historic WBZ / WBZA antenna atop the old Westinghouse factory in
> Springfield are rusty but standing, as of last week. The antenna no longer
> is strung between them, although some wires run up one of the towers to its
> top. The building they are on and the main former Westinghouse building
> next to it both look to be vacant or nearly vacant, with for-lease signs
> posted. The plain-vanilla brick building with the antenna is boarded up.
> The main building is in good condition on the outside, brick with ceramic
> tile decorative inserts and the original Westinghouse Electric Company sign
> in the facade above the main door. So, does the National Park Service have
> a category of nationally significant radio geek shrines so I could apply to
> have that place listed on it <g>?

Maybe the city or some private group should try to buy the site and set up
a museum of New England broadcasting there. 

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