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Re: "Black Monday" at WGIR-FM.

At 05:33 PM 3/17/98 -0500, PETER GEORGE, N1GGP wrote:
>     I cannot help but wonder WHY the new owners decided to purge a good
>amount of WGIR-FM's on air talent to rebroadcast WHEB in Portsmouth.  After
>all, Manchester is New Hampshire's largest city and WGIR-FM commands a
>larger audience than WHEB-FM could ever muster.  It would make "sense"
>to reverse the simulcast to put HEB on GIR-FM.

As far as Arbitron is concerned, Dover-Portsmouth-Rochester is a MUCH
larger market than Manchester...D-P-R is in or very near the top 100,
Manchester barely makes the top 200.  Ironically, the Knights were
responsible for this.  If Nashua & Concord were included in the metro, I
think Manchester would be considered a larger market, but WGIR, along with
WZID has long resisted expanding the metro, and with those 2 stations the
only ones in the market that consistently subscribed to Arbitron what they
wanted is what they got.