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Re: "Black Monday" at WGIR-FM.

it was written--

>IT is a shame what happened to GIR. It was the last good AOR. I loved it. It
>is a shame

Long ago, I learnt to be suspicious when the press release about the sale
said "the new owners have promised not to make any changes."  That's radio
talk for "everyone will be fired and we have a new format all picked out..."
It happened to me twice-- new owners met with all of us and swore up and
down our jobs were safe... but suddenly, we were all history.  The first
time, it was a shock.  The second time, I was a lot more philosophical.  But
I wish there were more respect paid to what a station and its staff has
accomplished.  At one station, I had the third highest numbers in my daypart
in the market (24 stations, I might add) but I was still replaced...  Yes it
is a shame about WGIR and all of the other stations that have been
dismantled for reasons that seem bizarre to you and me.