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Re: Springfield Market......

- -<snip>.  I visited them in '72 or '73: their
>tower had the appearance of a telephone pole, and their jingles were
>ripped off from WCFL.  To cover the "CF" in WCFL, they overdubbed some
>SFX over that part of the jingle.  The jock told my friend and I that
>they were supposedly subliminal.  Oh, sure.

I concur.  That was told to me directly by then-C,E./P.D. Milford K. Smith,
"Smotty M.K." on the air.  I was at the station while he was on the air.  I
remember "TixxelTime" (sweeping time tone on cart)....  I heard nothing but
junk on 1490 AM 150 miles away from WTXL where I lived in Sharon, MA, but
WTXL's time tone blasted right through!
Shel Swartz

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