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Re: Springfield Market......

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 22:31:55 -0500 Paul Anderson
<paulanderson@mediaone.net> writes:

>>WNUS - 1490AM - (1KW) - Numerous owners.
>Others have commented on this station's current call letters and 
>format.  As WTXL, the station was known as 15X and programmed Top 40
>1974.  The station then went progressive rock.  During this time, I did 
>overnights and later became PD when the then-PD Malcom Davis (later to 
>become that Austin guy on WODS Boston) left when the station's sale 
>was announced.  WTXL signed off in late 1975.  Jerry Williams kept the
station >off the air until the studios were renovated for all-news.  

Interesting history.  WTXL was a starting place of several well known
people, as I understand it.  I'd be interesting in hearing what their
ratings were like in the late '60's.  I visited them in '72 or '73: their
tower had the appearance of a telephone pole, and their jingles were
ripped off from WCFL.  To cover the "CF" in WCFL, they overdubbed some
SFX over that part of the jingle.  The jock told my friend and I that
they were supposedly subliminal.  Oh, sure.

Rick Kelly

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