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Re: Springfield Market......

On 3/4/98 1:57 PM, BUMP MARTIN (LJNF40D@prodigy.com) wrote:

>WNUS - 1490AM - (1KW) - Numerous owners.

Others have commented on this station's current call letters and format.  
As WTXL, the station was known as 15X and programmed Top 40 until 1974.  
The station then went progressive rock.  During this time, I did 
overnights and later became PD when the then-PD Malcom Davis (later to 
become that Austin guy on WODS Boston) left when the station's sale was 

WTXL signed off in late 1975.  Jerry Williams kept the station off the 
air until the studios were renovated for all-news.  It was then we found 
out that the large metal plate under the main studio's chair was not 
there so we could easily roll around; there was actually a big hole in 
the floor underneath!

The station returned to the air a couple of months later as WNUS.