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In a message dated 98-03-15 22:04:49 EST, ebradio@flash.net writes:

<< Sorry about that, I did the freqs. from memory.  102.2, that would be
 interesting!  I93/I107 was one set with MAJOR overlap in their areas, as
 far as my Alpine radio was concerned.  >>

This one still amazes me.  WXBB-Kittery ME simulcasts their automated classic
rock format on WXBP in Hampton MH---25 miles away!  There is MAJOR overlap of
the two signals.  The stations ratings stayed about the same in the last
ratings book despite the dual frequencies.   I wonder if this is a permanent
thing, or is Fuller Jeffery waiting to see what Capstar does before breaking
up the simulcast?

Mike Thomas, WERZ & Premiere Radio Networks