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Re: CJAD, what if.........

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, PETER GEORGE, N1GGP wrote:

>      If I were CJAD's parent company, I would make a deal to switch to
> CBM/940's soon-to-be decommisioned facility, once CBM makes the final
> curtain on AM.  With a little bit of TLC and some badly needed processing,
> 940 would be a monster for CJAD.  The 800 facility could be sold to a
> station that needs an upgrade of their signal.  Nothing would be wasted.
> Just a thought !!!
k My media friends in Montreal say it is going to be interesting to see
waht the CRTC does. CIQC thinks they deserve it being the oldest license,
CJAD because of their track record. Don't however count out CKGM when they
get 990 back from CJAD, as their owners CHUM Ltd. might try to get both
the Montreal and Toronto stations.

However, lest we forget, this is also Quebec and there will be pressure to
give the license to a french broadcaster. Gee then CKVL could transmit at
50K non directional legally. CKVL is killing WEEI in the north west burbs.