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Re: CJAD, what if.........


WDKC... I'm gonna be kicking myself, I'm sure, but I can't place WDKC. Do you
recall what frequency it was on? I recall when I got to the area ('77) there
was BM on WROW (AM and FM) and WHRL, but WDKC isn't ringing any bells. :(

Rick Kelly wrote:

> I had a similar experience as a teen.  I wrote a letter to WDKC, Albany
> that was very critical of their programming.  I suggested that since they
> were were losing in the ratings, and were programming as beautiful music
> format along with five other stations in the market, that they liven up
> the music.  My letter ended up being read in a staff meeting, to my
> surprise, and the PD was very complementary of it.  They were unable to
> incorperate the changes... but again, as a 16 year old, I was amazed.

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