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Re: AM DX 3/13

Doug Bassett wrote:

> 1180 When did WHAM start carrying the Truckin' Bozo? I'm
> still impressed with any station that does local news at the
> bottom of the hour in the dead of night, though.

Doug, The "Truckin' Bozo" began syndication in early 1996, January, I
think, much to my chagrin as I always thought it unique that WLW was a
big enough station to run a nationally sponsored show out of ONE
station..... was a thrill to hear the Bozo just say "...on the BIG
ONE!... 700 - WLW".
> 1510 Truckin' Bozo show, behind/mixing with WNRB.

Probably WLAC, Nashville.

Steve Sawyer