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Re: CJAD, what if.........

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 00:03:51 -0500 (EST) "'A. Joseph Ross'"
<lawyer@world.std.com> writes:

>I was a teenage unpaid radio consultant.  Back in the late 50s, WBZ-FM 
>was signing on at 5:00 PM, running classical music until midnight, and 
>then signing off.  I called WBZ one day with the suggestion that during
>day, the simulcast the AM programs.  They said they'd look into it.  A
>couple of weeks later, they were doing it.  That sure made me feel 
>like one powerful 15-year-old!
>A year or two later, WKOX-FM came on the air and did somewhat the same
>thing, signing on at 4:30 PM, playing classics and show tunes until
>midnight.  So I called them and made the same suggestion.  A week or 
>two later, they, too, were doing it.

I had a similar experience as a teen.  I wrote a letter to WDKC, Albany
that was very critical of their programming.  I suggested that since they
were were losing in the ratings, and were programming as beautiful music
format along with five other stations in the market, that they liven up
the music.  My letter ended up being read in a staff meeting, to my
surprise, and the PD was very complementary of it.  They were unable to
incorperate the changes... but again, as a 16 year old, I was amazed.

Rick Kelly

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