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Re: CJAD, what if.........

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, PETER GEORGE, N1GGP wrote:

>      If I were CJAD's parent company, I would make a deal to switch to
> CBM/940's soon-to-be decommisioned facility, once CBM makes the final
> curtain on AM.  With a little bit of TLC and some badly needed processing,
> 940 would be a monster for CJAD.  The 800 facility could be sold to a
> station that needs an upgrade of their signal.  Nothing would be wasted.
> Just a thought !!!

And if I'd gotten an idea like that, I'd tell it to them.

I told this story a couple of years ago when I appeared on LTAR, about how
I was a teenage unpaid radio consultant.  Back in the late 50s, WBZ-FM was
signing on at 5:00 PM, running classical music until midnight, and then
signing off.  I called WBZ one day with the suggestion that during the
day, the simulcast the AM programs.  They said they'd look into it.  A
couple of weeks later, they were doing it.  That sure made me feel like
one powerful 15-year-old!

A year or two later, WKOX-FM came on the air and did somewhat the same
thing, signing on at 4:30 PM, playing classics and show tunes until
midnight.  So I called them and made the same suggestion.  A week or two
later, they, too, were doing it.

I don't know whether there was such a thing as radio consultants back
then.  I certainly didn't know about them.  I just liked radio and had a
teenager's certainty that I knew better than experienced adults.  Since
neither station apparently had thought of the idea before I called them,
maybe I did.

I rather doubt, today, that a teenage listener's suggestion would have
much of a chance of being listened to.  Or even reaching someone with the
power to give it serious consideration.

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