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Re: LOW POWER FM, what a concept !!

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, Dib9 wrote:

> I think it is also interesting that the FCC is looking at this proposal when
> the pirates said they had to break the law because the FCC would not consider
> opening the spectrum to them.  Apparently, they were wrong.  The system can
> work if you try to use it and not just ignore it.  I suspect the FCC's
> consideration of this issue is a result of the decision in the Radio Free
> Berkley case.  I give them credit for working through the court system and not
> just turning off their transmitter and hiding when they FCC came to town.

Apparently, they were right.  They had to break the law in order to get
the decision in the Berkeley case.  And it is only because the FCC is
afraid of the consequences of that decision that they are considering this
proposal.  No amount of going through the system, by filing petitions to
the FCC, would have worked.  Only a defiant illegal station, with the
werewithal to go to Federal court, got the FCC's attention.

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