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Re: LOW POWER FM, what a concept !!

As far as I am concerned, these translators that are popping up like crazy
are just a sleazy legal way to tie up the band.  I could hear WOKQ's 97.9
MHz translator from Reading, MA all the way up into Gilford, NH!  And back
all the way down Routes 3/28 in NH and the Merrimack Valley.  In the Lakes
Region area, WOKQ has a GREAT signal on 103.7, 97.5, and a decent presence
on 97.9 (the translator).  Give me a break...These translators are a joke.
Yes, I know the sticks need translators to sell off time on the religious
How nice of WFNX to hog up a nice chunk of bandwidth from 101.3 - 101.7
MHz, both signals in the BOSTON AREA, carrying the same programming, and
bombing in!  That's diversity for ya.  
Lock out the micro-broadcaster's by requiring a minimum of 100 watts, and
then not offering a license below that.  But, but, allow the corporate
conglomerates to basically do the same thing with in some cases, up to 40
watts for their translators (aka low-power broadcasting).  When a station
like WOKQ can be heard across the FM band with 3 signals, all programming
the same thing, within the same coverage pattern, the industry is stupid!!!
In most of Central, Northern, and the Seacoast of NH, 103.7 and 97.5 were
registering a 7-8 on a very tight s-meter.  The old "Peak" should have not
be carrying another mega-watt station's programming.  But, that is another
problem.  When will Kiss-108 and Jammin 94.5 do the same?  
No wonder everyone out here is complaining about the absences of talent
entering the radio market.  Buy em' up, fire the staff, and simulcast
across the area with one budget.  And, the micro-broadcaster's are the
pirates?  Wake up and smell the RF.

EB101, The Beat, and others such as Radio Free Allston, sounded much better
than WFNX ever will.  WFNX sounds like a low-budget college station.  And,
we give them another signal?  I don't get it!  
And I don't want to hear how "pirates" can apply for a license either.
That statement shows how "in the dark" some folks are out here.  Give us
some of CBS's pocket money to lobby with, we'll get on the air.
Our charter is to cover a very small community that the Boston joker's
could care less about.  There is NO need to run 100 watts to cover a
community of neighborhoods.  Of course, the FCC will not approve 100 watts
due to adjacent channel noise.  But, they will approve under the "magic 100
watts" approvals on second adj. open frequencies for THE BIG BOYS.  
I am tired of hearing how Maine and Northern NH need translators.  The
Lakes Region has 93.3 and 107.1 both carrying the same programming without
translators, another case of a wasted signal(s).  And then there is:
105.5/102.2, 104.9/105.7, 101.1/100.7 (which covers up WZLX and shouldn't
be allowed on that frequency.)  This blanket statement about what's legal
and what isn't is a tired statement.  The translators (and duopolies) are
legalized prostitution and no more.  And, that's that!


... I believe in microbroadcasters..but let them
>become licensed!!
>>The transmitters would have to be "type-approved" to insure stabilty and
>>"cleanliness" of signal.  Like many ham-radio operators, it would be the
>>duty of the micropowered industry to weed out the abusers, the ones who
>>try to be "channel master" with high powered amps.  With so much to lose,
>>the microbroadcaster would protect their modest initial investment for
>>equipment and report the abusers to the Commission.  It think it's time
>>for this service to go legit.  There's some great radio out there, waiting
>>to be heard.
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