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Re: Erols v. Listserv

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> I just got email from my ISP, Erols, that as of 3/20, they won't let relayed
> messages go through (messages not sent to an @erols.com customer.)  I assume
> this means I need to either get another ISP or say seeya?  Any insights on
> this, and is this a trend on the horizon by ISPs?  Please advise.
> Thanks, Bill O'Neill
A number of ISPs are introducing a filter of this sort in order to cut
down on spam. World has had something like this for some time, and it
doesn't seem to have affected most lists.  Apparently, it cut off mailings
from lists which reside on Microsoft Network, for some reason peculiar to
MSN, but most mailing lists are unaffected.  And I have no idea why this
is so.

I suppose you should be asking this question of Erols.

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